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Progress! #handmade #sketchbook #thesis
So happy this sweet girl got adopted today. After spending a couple months with Hazel, I’m so glad Halfway There Rescue was able to give her a second chance. It blows my mind such a sweet, playful and loving dog was almost put down back in September. Miss this lil face already, but I couldn’t be more excited for her! Yay Hazel!!
handmade sketchbook thesis

hello! for those of you that don’t know, I am making handmade sketchbooks for my senior thesis at Winthrop University. I have started to documenting my process and wanted to share it with you guys so you canĀ follow along!


and for anyone who loves handmade goods, I plan on starting to sell these in December and through the spring. also, if there is anything you would love to see in a sketchbook, as far as paper, layout, size or anything, holla at me! I’d love to hear what you guys think :)

Handmade Sketchbook Thesis

hello all! I am creating handmade sketchbooks for my senior thesis. If you use a sketchbook/journal, I would love to get your opinion. It’s a super short survey, I promise!

Art is the instinctive application of the knowledge latent in the subconscious.
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Bryce Canyon National Park | Utah, USA


fuckin grass man

Sticky Teriyaki Eggplant w/ Herbed Cashew Coconut Rice